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Viral video shows someone driving with doors wide open along Toronto highway

Today in "brooooo,what are you DOING?!?" we have video footage of somebody driving down a busy 400-series highway near Toronto with both rear doors wide open.

The answer to both why and how this managed to happen is,once again,wood.

Just like the Mississauga motorist who was fined last year fordriving with an "insecure load"sticking out of his window,today's viral video star appears to be hauling some slats of plywood in a vehicle way too small for that purpose.

The one major difference is that the latter driver has yet to be apprehended — though police are looking.

Ontario Provincial Policeare reportedly trying to track downthe person seen driving dangerously on the QEW near Burlington last Thursday,when the now-viral video in question was shot.

Filmed and uploaded to Facebook by David Fafinski of Hamilton last week,the clip only came to the attention of officers through social media on Tuesday.

"That's an unsafe vehicle there.Doors open — who knows what could come flying out of there,"said OPP Sgt.Kerry Schmidtto CBC News after seeing the footage.

"That's not anything you ever expect to see on the highway," he continued."It's just straight out ridiculous."

Ridiculous and potentially deadly: Last year,two people were nearly killedon Highway 401 in Brampton when a large piece of plywood smashed through the windshield of their car.

Lead photo by

David Fafinski

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